tourism in Morocco in 2023

Tourism in Morocco is like a journey to the land of legends, as it takes you from reality to embark on an adventure in the magic of the East. 

Streams of blue water flowing in a wonderful view, and do not forget religious tourism in Morocco, where ancient religious buildings, in addition to sports tourism.

 where climbing mountains, so let us go on an adventure within an enthusiastic atmosphere in Morocco.

tourism in Morocco

Is tourism in Morocco feasible? and is it worth a visit? many questions roam the minds of tourists.

 so we will provide, and that through the following paragraphs, so let us know more information about it:

First: the weather in Morocco

  • The summer weather in Morocco is characterized as warm and dry, that from June to early September.
  • The temperature in Morocco in summer reaches 22.5 degrees Celsius, and this is the ideal climate for a tourist tour in Morocco.
  • While the temperature increases with the approach of July, and the weather at this time is sunny.
  • And This makes it a great opportunity for those who want to enjoy sandy beaches.
  • The winter weather in Morocco is also characterized by warmth, due to its sunny summer climate.
  • as the temperature in winter reaches 17 degrees Celsius during the day, while the temperature drops at night, reaching less than 8 degrees Celsius.
  • Through the foregoing, we find that the sunny summer climate in Morocco is a wonderful opportunity for beach tourism there, and to practice more recreational activities.

Second: tourist cities in Morocco

  • Tourist cities in Morocco are full of attraction and charm, and a lot of recreational activities, which vary between strolling on its charming beaches, with yellow sand, and blue waves.
  • Anspd In addition to enjoying the beauty of its tall mountains and green gardensand seeing the models of ancient Islamic architecture in it, which bear the fragrant of the past.
  • And we will get to know, through the following paragraphs, the most important tourism cities in Morocco, as follows:


  • The city of Casablanca is the largest city in the State of Morocco, and it is called Casablanca. 
  • It is characterized by its mild climate, white houses, and palm trees.
  • And The city center of Casablanca also contains mosques and ancient architectural buildings, with charming details.
  • It is also located in Casablanca, the largest mosque in Morocco, which is the White Mosque.
  • And The White Mosque is close to the beach, and a large number of tourists visit it.
  • In addition to the presence of a large number of lush green gardens, such as Jasmine or the Arab League.
  • And It is also considered the most beautiful tourist place in Casablanca, in Mohammed V Square, which is characterized by an Andalusian character.
  • And there is also a large fountain around which tourists gather at night.

Marrakesh, the red city

  • Marrakech is called the Red City, as all its buildings are built of sandstone, and it is the third largest city in Morocco in terms of size.
  • And The city of Marrakech is also characterized by the picturesque designs of its buildings.
  • In addition to its wide squares, which are teeming with fruit, olive and palm trees, which makes it the best place for tourism in Morocco.
  • And It is also one of the most famous tourist attractions in Marrakech, the Dar Si Said Museum, the Badi Palace.
  • the Royal Theater, and the Majorelle Garden, which contains rare plants and flowers.

Tangier, the bride of the north

The Moroccan city of Tangier is famous for its theaters, arts, museums, music and cultural associations.

  • The most famous tourist place in Tangier, Morocco, is the city of Kasbah, which is located at the highest point in the city.
  • And allows Spain to be seen through it.
  • St. Andrew’s Church is also located there, and it is characterized by charming architectural details from Islamic times.
  • And In addition to the Cave of Hercules, which is one of the largest caves in Africa, in Tangiers.

Tourist places in Morocco

Tourist places in Morocco, Tourism in Morocco is a country of beauty and unique landscape tourism. 

  • Tourism in the West is distinguished by its diversity, as it contains many types of tourism.
  • including mountain tourism, tourism in ancient cities, religious tourism, and sports tourism.
  • Tourism in Morocco has become a global destination thanks to the capabilities it possesses to achieve this.
  • And The Maghreb has benefited from its location on the African continent .
  • and its openness to the Mediterranean Sea.
  • And in addition to being one of the countries of the Arab world.
  • to be the host country for many Arab and foreign tourists.

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How long can I stay for tourism in Morocco?

If you ask about How long can I stay for tourism in Morocco? I can tell you the following:

  • The maximum period of stay for tourism in Morocco is 3 months for foreigners who are exempt from a visa, as long as your passport allows it.
  • And Depending on the duration of the visa for those who are not exempt.
  • If you wish to extend the period of stay in Morocco beyond the expiration of the three months or the expiration of the visa.
  • A license must be requested from the competent Moroccan authorities.
  • And The best tourism seasons in Moroccan cities
  • The best seasons for tourism in Morocco extend from March to May.
  •  as this period is characterized by moderate.
  • And beautiful weather in the cities of Morocco, where light rain falls, in addition to warm and comfortable weather for tourism in general.
  • The cost of traveling to Morocco for two people ranges between 150-250 dollars per day.
  • And It may increase and vary according to desire.
  • The most important tourist cities in Morocco
  • Morocco is a beautiful country, characterized by colorful streets full of life, where you can enjoy visiting its remarkable landmarks. 
  • And Tourist cities are full of colorful and colorful historical and Arabic design.
  • They also have wonderful international and local markets, with many attractions.
  • At the conclusion of the article Tourism in Morocco, we have shown you, dear read
  • And one of the most beautiful tourist trips in Morocco, for which you will enjoy an enthusiastic atmosphere that varies between recreational, sports.
  •  and therapeutic tourism activities, but without a doubt it will be an unforgettable trip.

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Why is Morocco famous for tourism?

Tourism plays an important role in tourism revenue whereas Morocco’s tourism increased Morocco getaway according to the Morocco tourism statistics, because of the attractions in Morocco. 

Tourism in Morocco plays a very effective role in the Moroccan economy whereas Morocco’s tourism revenue as the ministry of tourism says effective in an economic environment. 

Is Morocco friendly to tourists?

Tourists visited Morocco because of many elements such as Morocco ranked in high levels of tourism around the world, tourism sector in it very effective, attractive destinations in Morocco, and Morocco safe. 

Tourism in Morocco and tourism in Marrakech is one of Morocco stock sources that government officials depend on. If you compare international tourism and Morocco tourism you will be able to know the amount of visit in Morocco and the number of people that Morocco received every year. So after all of that you should know what tourism represents to Morocco.

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